Easily Defy Winter Damage With Rooftop Heat Tape

Winter can be harsh on your home – especially on your roof. If you’ve ever had ice dams, you know they can result in water damage to walls, ceilings, and/or insulation and ruin areas of your roof. Sure, you can go out there with a roof rake after each storm to avoid damage. Or, you can install rooftop heat tape with a timer and let the gear do the work!

What is rooftop heat tape?

heat tape on a snowy roof
Heat tape melting snow

Also known as rooftop heat cables, it is equipment attached to areas of your roof to melt and remove snow before it has a chance to freeze, melt and seep in. The tape or cables can be plugged and unplugged as needed.

Why install a rooftop heat tape timer?

1. The timer automatically turns off the rooftop tape when it’s no longer needed, saving you energy.
2. You don’t have to remember to shut it off.
3. Rebates* are available in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming.

ice dam

Icicles are lovely and a true sign of winter. It’s the melting and refreezing that isn’t pretty. So ask your favorite participating contractor about rooftop heat tape and a timer before winter wreaks havoc on your home.

*Note: To earn a rebate, the equipment must be installed by a program participating contractor.