Announcing Utah Program Updates – March 2024 Newsletter

Changes to Wattsmart Homes Program in Utah

As you may know, necessary incentive adjustments to the dual fuel heat pump measure were determined earlier this year. As homeowners take advantage of heat pump incentives – most notably, the IRS 25C tax credit – and stronger-than-expected adoption, the current incentive levels were unsustainable. A slight incentive reduction will occur based on valuable feedback from our contractor partners. A $500 decrease (in total) is being split between the contractor and customer portions of the incentive, as seen below. In addition, we are also streamlining the dual fuel heat pump tiers to just three, as outlined in this table.

There will be two tiers for AHRI-matched systems – 90 AFUE and 80 AFUE tiers – while the program now offers a de-rated dual fuel heat pump tier. This tier will be a “catch-all” of sorts, allowing projects that previously would not have qualified for reasons such as:
  • No AHRI pairing
  • Mismatched equipment
  • Standalone heat pump/coil combinations
  • Standalone outdoor heat pump units
The above is a short list; more information will be provided when this change is launched. The program team is excited to bring this additional tier to the market.
These changes are currently planned for a May 1, 2024, effective date. That means all projects received up to April 30, 2024, will be under the existing tiers and incentives.
Please reach out to your energy specialist for more information or with questions.


The Perks of Being a Pro

Pro Network certificate
Pro Network logo
We have recently designated several of our vendors for their outstanding participation in Rocky Mountain Power’s Wattsmart rebate programs as “Pro Network” contractors. How does a vendor become a Pro Network contractor? By offering their customers a premium caliber of knowledge, efficiency and service. Pro Network contractors are knowledgeable about heat pump benefits and have a demonstrated history of quality installations. In return, Pro Network contractors receive additional benefits, including exclusive marketing, streamlined payment processes, networking events, awards and more.

If you are interested in whether you may be eligible for the Pro Network, contact your field specialist for more details.


Be Prepared With Springtime Upgrades and Rebate Ideas

Winter is ending, and the cooling season will soon be upon us. Spring is a time for home projects, and upgrading one’s cooling system is top of the list for many homeowners.
The demand for heat pumps continues to grow. Being prepared to offer the available rebate incentives for qualifying heat pump installations will allow you to provide more efficient and economical choices for your customers. This, in turn, will keep your company competitive in the market.
heat pump

Rocky Mountain Power’s Wattsmart Program works with you to get you up to speed on the current incentives available. Our helpful outreach staff is ready to assist your company, keeping you up to date on the current program and any changes coming down the pipeline.

Whether you are a seasoned Wattsmart veteran, or a new trade ally in the program, it never hurts to get a program refresher!

Things to consider heading into the cooling season:

  • You can communicate the available utility rebates to your customers.
  • Your supplier or outreach team can help to confirm equipment pairings can generate an AHRI certificate and qualify.
  • Note that if a customer wants to fully electrify with a heat pump from natural gas, unfortunately we cannot incentivize that.

When submitting applications:

  • Please take note of the home’s previous heating and cooling prior to the system upgrade, as this determines eligibility and rebates.
  • Be sure to add the customer’s email address and phone number.
  • Clearly itemize the model and serial numbers of the equipment installed on the customer invoice.
  • Lastly, don’t forget the ENERGY STAR®-rated thermostat!

So, be “spring ready” this cooling season, and remember to contact your outreach specialist with any questions or concerns you may have. We are here to help you be successful in offering rebate incentives to your customers, allowing them to make more affordable, energy-efficient choices!

Popular YouTube Influencer Promotes Heat Pumps

Zack Nelson is a social media influencer with over 8 million subscribers on YouTube. He specializes in technology, alternative energy and scientific understanding for average consumers.
Rocky Mountain Power’s Wattsmart program has partnered with Zack and his JerryRigEverything channel to create a video on how heat pump technology works and why customers will want to invest in this newer, more efficient technology.
In his video, Why is Everyone Talking About Heat Pumps, viewers will see a real-life upgrade being completed as he answers questions like,
  • What is a heat pump?
  • How do they work?
  • Why would you want one?
  • How can you get one?
Click the image below to watch the video (it’s in English).
Follow along as we dive into the hot and the cool parts of a heat pump! Share this video with any customers who have questions. And, of course, be sure to like and subscribe!


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