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Saving Energy in Rental Properties


You can take charge of your electric bill, even if you don’t own your living space. It’s about making small, manageable steps to reduce energy consumption that add up to significant savings. Let’s look at ways you can make a positive impact.

Simple changes in your daily habits

Some of the easiest things you can do are free. For example, turn off lights when you leave a room and unplug appliances when they’re not in use. We’ve collected valuable tips for you that don’t cost a cent! Check out our downloadable tip sheet, Power Up Your Savings: Energy Efficiency Tips for Renters.

Make wise purchases with rebates

Wattsmart® Homes is Rocky Mountain Power’s rebate program, through which you can receive cash back for qualifying products. For example, there are rebates on smart plugs that allow you to easily control your energy usage. If you’d like to install a smart thermostat or smart switch, reach out to your landlord first, and then take advantage of available rebates. Wattsmart Homes also offers rebates on ENERGY STAR® certified appliances, so if you install your own washer and dryer, be sure to purchase models with the ENERGY STAR label.

Work with your landlord

Notice cracks in seals around your window or drafts coming in under your doors? Contact your landlord to install weatherization to keep your warmed or cooled air from escaping. Customer-driven changes are an empowering way to lower your utility bills! Talk to your landlord about your energy efficiency concerns to help shape energy savings in potential renovations. When it’s time for an upgrade, they’ll know you care. Let them know Wattsmart Homes has rebates for heating and cooling, weatherization and appliances.

Don’t forget to view and download the tips on how to become an energy-saving master!



Great Opportunities

Upgrades and renovations offer building owners and landlords opportunities for greater energy efficiency and resulting cost savings. If your property has electric baseboard heat, high electric bills are likely your renters’ biggest complaints. Being proactive is key when it comes to energy efficiency. Waiting until systems fail or energy bills skyrocket can result in unnecessary expenses and disruptions to renters. Look into Wattsmart Homes’ rebates for a full range of systems and appliances. With rebates, you can maximize your return on investment and reduce energy costs for renters for years to come.

Peace of mind

Energy-saving upgrades can also save time and reduce hassle. Advanced HVAC systems equipped with remote monitoring and control capabilities let landlords troubleshoot issues from anywhere. You can check such a system and adjust temperature settings remotely to save time and reduce on-site visits on nights and weekends. If you have a furnace, a dual fuel heat pump offers a potential backup heat source in harsh winters if something goes awry. The system will run your furnace less often, extending its lifespan, and provide central air conditioning in the summer months. If your property uses baseboard heating, ductless heat pumps provide heating and cooling for individual units with no invasive ductwork or insulation.

For more information on different types of heat pumps and what would work best for your property, visit

Renter retention

In today’s competitive real estate market, renters are increasingly looking for properties that offer modern amenities. By investing in energy-saving technologies such as heat pumps, smart thermostats and energy-efficient appliances, landlords can attract and retain renters who want to save money on their power bills. The right heating upgrade could save renters up to 50% on their bill – and that will inspire them to spread the word about renting from you.

Be proactive and invest in energy-saving technologies. You’ll reduce operating costs and enjoy greater convenience while attracting and retaining renters. Visit to learn more.

Share our renter tip sheet with your renters to help them save money in their living space!