Program Updates – Wyoming

September 16, 2023


This document was originally shared on August 17, 2023.

Changes to Wattsmart Homes Program in Wyoming

As part of the Company’s efforts for continual improvement, Rocky Mountain Power is planning changes to the Wattsmart Homes program in Wyoming, effective September 16, 2023. As summarized in the table below, these changes include incentive adjustments for engine block heater controls to better align with market conditions. Any incentive amounts for current Program offerings that are not mentioned below will remain unchanged. Existing incentive terms and conditions still apply. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us.

Engine Block Heater Control and Heat Pump Incentives

Equipment Type Sub-Category Qualifications Currently Offered Incentive

Offered Incentive Effective Sept. 16, 2023

Engine Block Heater Control Thermostatically Controlled $100 $125

It is the Company’s intent to make ongoing adjustments to the incentives for certain measures in response to market conditions (changes in material costs, product availability, price competition, etc.) and stay in alignment with the Company’s defined savings targets, incentive budget, and cost-effectiveness requirements.