Wyoming Evaporative Coolers

Get up to $150 Cash Back


Cool your home and your energy bill

Receive an instant discount on evaporative coolers. Qualified permanently installed models can use up to 75 percent less energy than central AC to cool the same amount of space. Plus, they can cost about half as much to purchase as a comparable central AC system.

Rebates and qualifications

Equipment purchases and services Customer rebate

Evaporative cooler (500 -1,999 CFM)


Evaporative cooler (2,000 - 3,499 CFM)


Evaporative cooler (3,500 CFM or greater)


Ensure home qualifies:

  • Must be an existing home, not new construction.

Requirements for evaporative coolers

  • Unit may be installed by customer or by a program-participating contractor (contractor installation is recommended).
  • Equipment must be new and be permanently installed.
  • Equipment must be first time install and not a replacement for previous evaporative cooler.
  • Equipment must be installed according to specifications outlined in the Wyoming Technical Specifications Manual.
  • Purchases through retailers with an in-store discount are not eligible for an additional rebate

Additional program rules:

  • Submit all documents online so they are within 90 days of the qualifying service completion date.
  • Equipment must be installed within 90 days of purchase.
  • Purchases through retailers with an in-store discount are not eligible for an additional rebate.
  • Self-installed evaporative coolers are eligible for rebates on equipment only.
  • For customers applying for multifamily properties, please contact the program at for details on how to apply.

Required documents for online submission:

  • Itemized receipt or contractor invoice.
  • Third Party Payment Addendum, for applicants who would like to forward payment to a third party not listed on the utility account.

Rebate not to exceed 50% of the purchase price.

Rebates and qualifications are subject to Wyoming Public Service Commission approval. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Customer eligibility

Residential electric customers residing in the state of Wyoming who purchase their electricity from Rocky Mountain Power on rate schedules 2 or 18 qualify. Landlords who own rental properties served by the company in the state of Wyoming where the tenant is billed on rate schedules 2 or 18 also qualify for this program. You can locate your rate schedule on your bill or by calling 1-888-221-7070.